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Autism Rocks Review – Why Autism Rocks Is Different From Other Charities?

6 Dec , 2016  

Top Insider Reviews has covered Autism Rocks before. Some of the most memorable concerts around the world, especially in London, were organized by Sanjay Shah Denmark of Autism Rocks. Although we covered the concerts in detail, we haven’t checked out the Sanjay Shah Wiki or his family, hence his motives behind Autism Rocks were unclear. Now that we know how Autism Rocks was born, we are in awe of this man’s driving force. It is safe to say that our trust in humanity is reaffirmed by Sanjay Shah, hedge fund boss turned philanthropist.

Sanjay Shah Finance Career, Sanjay Shah Family and Sanjay Shah’s Philanthropic Efforts

Sanjay Shah Solo Capital Hedge Fund Owner

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Sanjay Shah of Solo Capital London has an inspiring story that is ripe for a movie. His parents immigrated to London from Kenya in the 1960s, he grew up in the well-to-do Marylebone neighbourhood in Central London and studied medicine at King’s College before deciding he did not want to become a doctor. During his school days in the financial district of London, he realized that it is people who are in finance that make a lot of money, not doctors. Moreover, he was not very comfortable with the idea of 18 hour shifts and staying in hospitals that is associated with the career as a doctor.

Sanjay’s decision to quit medicine was a shock to Sanjay Shah Family but the beginning of Sanjay Shah’s Finance career. Sanjay Shah Finance career started with investment bank Merrill Lynch but Sanjay Shah dividend experience is gained through working in some of the leading names in the business such as Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, ING and the Dutch bank Rabobank.

Nowadays, he is known for his amazing philanthropic work as the driving force behind Autism Rocks. However, his work with Autism Rocks was not his first venture into the territory of social welfare. In his own words, “I’ve been sponsoring kids in India over the past 10 years through Plan International. I would send money every month but I didn’t really have any focus on what I could do for charity other than that.”

A journey from Solo Capital to Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah Denmark Solo capital Funds Owner

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Sanjay Shah’s career at various banks lasted more or less 10 years. Remarkably, his interest in philanthropy started almost at the same time. Sanjay Shah Family, including Sanjay Shah’s wife Usha, believed in sharing their wealth with the needy. They used to send money to charities in India but as Sanjay Shah Wiki admits, he didn’t have a focus on his charity efforts.

Solo Capital changed Sanjay Shah’s destiny. It gave him an opportunity to use his skills for the first time and he made the best out of it. In his own words;

“I got to the point about a year ago where [Solo Capital] was doing really well and I didn’t need to spend all my time focusing on it so I decided to take a step back. I’d say I’m retired now.”

Sanjay is a firm believer of leaving work at office and not mixing work with family. Sanjay Shah wiki sources, including Sanjay Shah’s official blog shed some light to it:

“After two years of running a global brokerage firm, my wife and I took the momentous decision to move our young family to Dubai.  This was made possible by taking advantage of the million pounds I had earned in my second year in business.  I am eternally grateful for the chance I had had to move to Dubai.  The pace of life here is much slower than in London, with greater emphasis on family and free time.  The business culture here is much more friendly to a man in my position, as people understand that work is for work, and the time outside the office is very much your own”.

Sanjay Shah SKAT and Sanjay Shah Borsen are phrases commonly associated with his time as a hedge fund manager. Nonetheless, Sanjay Shah Tax Fraud and Sanjay Shah Fraud allegations about Sanjay Shah Denmark Tax was quickly dismissed and his accomplishments as a skilled trader are widely acknowledged.

Nikhil Sanjay Shah’s Autism Diagnosis and its impact on Sanjay Shah Family

Sanjay Shah and Sanjay Shah’s wife Usha took some time to absorb the news from doctors when the doctors informed the family about Nikhil’s autism. It was not a state of shock that clouded the Sanjay Shah Family but a feeling of helplessness: neither Sanjay nor his wife Usha had any idea about how to raise a child with autism. Coming from a very educated background, he knew such a condition existed but how it impacted life was beyond his understanding. As a doctor’s son, Sanjay was curious to find out more about autism as soon as Nikhil was diagnosed.

In 2011, Shah and his wife Usha had to take their two-year-old son Nikhil to the doctors in Dubai when he couldn’t keep his food down.

“It was a really bad week for my youngest son. He threw up everything he ate so we had to take him to hospital and he was put on a drip,” explains Shah.

“They suggested that with his behaviour we should go and see a child psychologist to see if he might have a behavioural disorder like attention deficit disorder or autism. There is a well-known connection between food intolerance and autism.”
Shah and his wife, who had been living on the Palm Jumeirah with their three children since 2009 after moving from North London, took their son back to the UK to see a child psychologist in Portland Hospital — one of London’s top women and children’s private hospitals — who confirmed their son’s food allergies with a blood test while another four doctors confirmed he was autistic.

Sanjay Shah and Usha was shocked to hear that they could wait 5 years to get into a therapy session due to the high demand. It surprised Sanjay Shah Denmark how little is known about autism in Dubai and rest of the world.

Autism Rocks Music Charity Events – When Geniuses Run Charity

Sanjay Shah Tax Fraud to Autism Rocks

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It is quite inspiring to hear his stories of survival and how he did not setbacks keep him down. For instance, Sanjay started Solo Capital when he was abruptly fired in a depressed economy. When Solo Capital had a successful run, it came with its own setbacks too. Sanjay Shah SKAT, Sanjay Shah Tax Fraud and Sanjay Shah Fraud allegations popped up but Sanjay Shah held himself together and fought Sanjay Shah Denmark Tax allegations to prove his innocence to the world.

When Sanjay realized that autism can benefit a lot from raising awareness and through charity events, he wanted to do the best he could. Autism Rocks is a good example of entrepreneurial spirit combined with charity. The idea of Autism Rocks is to raise awareness about autism through music events. Registering Autism Rocks charity was the first step in the process. Autism Rocks later developed a world class music studio and artists are free to use the facility with the understanding that they will participate in charity events organized by Autism Rocks.

Creating Awareness was the Priority

Sanjay Shah Denmark Tax to Autism Rocks

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Sanjay Shah Denmark wanted to spread awareness about autism across the globe. He observed that the general awareness was very low in The UAE. Many countries in the developed world could spread awareness through campaigns, charity events and websites yet ignorance often causes trouble for parents and children with autism.

His association with music was an old one: Sanjay Shah Wiki reveals that Sanjay Shah was a DJ during his college days. Music was a passion of Sanjay Shah Family but he was not keen on pursuing a fulltime career in music after a successful Sanjay Shah Dividend career. Therefore, Autism Rocks is a combination of his interest in music and his determination to spread awareness about autism.

Sanjay’s 10 plus years of experience in the finance business and various experiences he gained from his work came into play and the result was the birth of Autism Rocks.

Sanjay Shah figured out that music has the power to reach several thousands, if not millions, and charity events with the support of music artists are bound to be a lot more successful than regular fundraising programs. This information coupled with his passion in music was the driving force for Autism Rocks.

Before passing away in 2016, Prince performed for Autism Rocks and the event was a major success. Interestingly enough, it was the first ever charity event Prince performed in his music career. Prince was surprisingly enthusiastic about performing for Autism Rocks. Sanjay Shah doesn’t know what made him enthusiastic about it but he recalls it was not only Prince’s first charity event but it was also the first time he ever performed in an invite only event. Prince surprised his fans by announcing that he is going to play 14 of his songs non-stop and Sanjay believes it is a reflection of his gusto. Needless to say, media in The UK went crazy over Prince’s non-stop performance and the boost it gave Autism Rocks is inestimable.

Sanjay Shah tax fraud and Sanjay Shah Borsen sensationalism was also put to rest when Sanjay Shah Denmark decided to focus on philanthropy and run the business only to keep the system in loop. Sanjay Shah Denmark Tax and Finance business was no longer his career interests as he decided to retire.

Therefore, Autism Rocks and Sanjay Shah’s work as the head is helping to create awareness about a disorder that is not understood or even heard of. In that regard, we can admire his relentless efforts.